Garage Plans, Blueprints and Spec’s

We Build to the residential IRC building code. Your new garage is built like your house!

Amish Built Garage Plans, Blue Prints and Spec’s are designed with each customer. Size, Roof Pitch, Window and Door Placements, as well as Siding, Trim, and Roof Color are all discussed. Shutters are standard on our windows, however some customers opt for trim around the windows instead. Garage doors come standard without glass in a raised panel. Glass can be added as well as Carriage Style Doors which are available in 5 different colors.

We offer expert craftsmanship and customized designs to meet your exact specifications. Give us a blueprint or we’ll work with you and make one for you!

An example of a customized blueprint of a one car garage we built.
Garage Plans, Blueprints and Spec's
An example of one of our blueprints of a two car garage we built.
Two Car Garage Plans

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We design and build functional long lasting quality garages that are made to last. We not only make sure our garages are aestethically pleasing but that they are safe, durable, and strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. Contact us to day to start your Garage Plans!  

In essence, our work speaks for itself..